Boribon Kippkopp Laci és az oroszlán Kockásfülu nyúl Egyebek Marék Veronika

The Check-Eared Rabbit

Can stories be born in the middle of big cities, among swirling cars, noise and fumes? They certainly can. This story starts in an old suitcase, in a junk-filled room, on top of a tall, tall tower block, where even sparrows don't go.

The suitcase opens and the Check-Eared Rabbit steps out of it. With its telescope it hops to the chimney and watches its friends Kriszta, Menyus, Mozdony and Kistöfi. There is always something happening, there is always something urgent to do. The rabbit's ears start to revolve like the propellers of a helicopter and lift it up and fly to where its help is needed.

It can't do miracles, the Check-eared Rabbit only racks its brains, flies here and there or stumbles among the children until everything is OK. The long lost budgie is found, the little toy car is mended or Kistöfi finds his way home. They go to a fancy dress party, walk in the zoo or play football.

And when the story ends, the Check-Eared Rabbit flies back to the top of its tall, tall tower block, to the junk -filled room, into the old suitcase and falls asleep until next time