Boribon Kippkopp Laci és az oroszlán Kockásfülu nyúl Egyebek Marék Veronika

I was born a long time ago in 1937. My childhood was like a long game and I hoped it would never end. When I had to choose a profession I didn't know what to do.

I was interested in a number of things and then I tried many of them. However, my fate eventually guided me to the right direction that is to write books. First I make up the story, then I write it, finally I draw it. It's the best fun. Do you need any better than that?

Luckily, the children took well my books and my destiny came to pass.
I have had many books published, written stories, puppet shows, tv and
radioshows, film scripts. I have been playing all my life.

And although I am going to be 70 this year I still have a lot of ideas to realize.